Baptiste Bahu is an interior designer with a French Classicism and Contemporary style. You can see it his new project – Caroline Chen Apartment. The apartment owners are a young couple that loves to travel and be with their friends and family. To accommodate those gatherings, they needed a new home decor. This is where the french interior designer comes in and does a phenomenal job, despite the challenge of a rounded area.

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Curious? Here are photos of the fantastic Caroline Chen Apartment that features a piece from BRABBU.


Discover Baptiste Bohu's Amazing Apartment in Shanghai

The hall of the house has pieces with a lot of personality, like the CYGNUS Display by BRABBU, and the De Gournay Pink Flamingos hand painted wallpaper, that with the grey walls and finnishes makes a great combination.

Discover Baptiste Bohu's Amazing Apartment in Shanghai

The dining room and kitchen have an open concept, giving the impression of a wider space perfect for entertaining guests. The bright yellow color blends nicely with the COLTRANE Wall Light and COLTRANE Suspension Light from DELIGHTFULL.

Discover Baptiste Bohu's Amazing Apartment in Shanghai

For the same impression of wider space, in the living room Bahu used bright colored furnitured to make a wonderful contrast with the grey and black stainless steel. One of the bold items is the BOTTI Chandelier from DELIGHTFULL.

Discover Baptiste Bohu's Amazing Apartment in Shanghai

The bedroom shows the interior designer’s color pallet with black and white patterns, joined by Japanese art pieces.

Discover Baptiste Bohu's Amazing Apartment in Shanghai

The Master Bathroom has a unique piece, which was designed by Bahu himself. The great sink was customized in one piece of stone with the latest technology. The mirror has compartments incorporated for storage.

The Caroline Chen Apartment is a true harmony between elegance and color. It inspires a calm and soothing atmosphere perfect for every dinner party with your loved ones.

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