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Kitchen: More than a place to cook

More than just a place to cook, the modern kitchen should be inviting, harmonious and the perfect place to socialise….

Holidays Decoration: Get Inspired with BRABBU

The holidays are coming and everybody loves to decorate the house giving an extra holiday touch to home decor. To…

Sofa: How to choose the right one for your living room

Creating the ideal comfortable living room can be difficult, but one of the most important factors is selecting the most…

Autumn is coming and it is with new trends

Autumn is quickly approaching, so it is time to select and decorate your home in the best way possible for…

Modern Lighting Designs Trends in 2022

Today’s topic will be the Modern Lighting Designs trends. Modern lighting is defined by three characteristics: clarity, geometry, and sophistication….

Sizeable Sofas to Fill a Living Room

Sofas are an extremely important element when it comes to interior design. They are an item that has the power…