Spring season is just around the corner, and BRABBU introduces a new collection of sofas that are so different and unique that they will captivate anyone with their singularity and beauty. BORNEO Sofa is the name of this wonderful new collection.

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Besides having a rare shape, these velvet-upholstered sofas have the best high-end materials, BORNEO Sofa legs are made of pinewood, a durable material frequently used in furniture, covered in Wengue Matte, which gives it the appearance of a tree branch, the perfect finishing touch to the leg, particularly for those who prefer a style that resembles what nature feels and looks like.

BRABBU’s new collection, BORNEO, aims to replicate the feelings of being in contact with nature in the comfort of one’s own home.

Neutral colours are a timeless trend, and brown has become increasingly popular in interior design. The BORNEO Sofa collection will transform a room and make them stand out from the crowd for those who enjoy being in touch with nature while also keeping up with trends.

The singular shape of BORNEO Sofa is ideal for decorating a living room to gracefully complement the season we’re in.

In detail, the use of pinewood covered in Wengue Matte for the legs of BORNEO Sofa Collection.

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