Spring has arrived and with it comes the most colourful and aromatic season of the year. This is the time
when life is celebrated more intensely. One of the trends for the season in 2022 is shades of green. Aligned to this, BRABBU has a series of products that emphasize this new spring trend.

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These shades are in fashion this season because they bring harmony and freshness to any environment, besides revitalising it and giving a natural touch to spaces, something characteristic of spring. As we can see in the environment below, the green tones of the AGRA III Dining Table with the BOURBON II Dining Chair bring life and freshness to the dining room.

Shades of green, however, don’t just go with dining rooms. The colour also shines when it is placed to star in the living room, as we can see in the image below. The Andes Two-Seat Sofa brings nature and makes the environment more alive.

Another room in the house where shades of green show their subtlety and presence are the Reading Corners. After all, who doesn’t like to have a space specially designed for relaxing, reading a good book or enjoying a glass of wine? The green tone of the ESSEX Armchair brings this feeling of comfort and welcome while making its presence felt with its unique shade.

So if you want to bet on something to brighten up your home decor or environment during spring, the shades of green are there to help.

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