Sofas are an extremely important element when it comes to interior design. They are an item that has the power to completely make or break a space, and they have the ability to make everyone feel welcomed and at ease as soon as they walk in.

Large, luxurious sofas could be the perfect fit for someone with a large, open living room, and BRABBU has selected some beautiful models to inspire you.

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Sofas: Sizeable Sofas to Fill a Living Room


Sizeable Sofas to Fill a Living Room

Sofas like ESSEX CORNER will definitely make a living room look bigger! Its design was inspired by the metamorphosis process that butterflies go through, and it symbolizes how lovely that course is. The velvet-upholstered sofa is certain to add charisma and refinement to the living room set.

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Sizeable Sofas to Fill a Living Room

PEARL ROUND TWO sofa, like pearls, will be a valuable addition to any living room. Its color is based on the color of a pearl, and it is upholstered in velvet, giving it a very modern and timeless appearance. This lovely item, which is perfectly round like a pearl, will be the center of attention!

Sizeable Sofas to Fill a Living Room


The WALES ROUND SOFA is a magnificent piece of furniture that will complete any living room. It’s ideal for large families and people who enjoy socializing and spending time with their loved ones. This round sofa will undoubtedly give your living room a more contemporary feel.


Sizeable Sofas to Fill a Living Room

This amazing sofa, named after Mount Fitz Roy, is shaped like the mountain and looks very elegant! This one-of-a-kind design features organic elements that elevate it to new heights. FITZROY SOFA, which is also upholstered in velvet, can add the most comfort and uniqueness to any living room!

Sizeable Sofas to Fill a Living Room


Sizeable Sofas to Fill a Living Room

The HERA ROUND SOFA is inspired by the iconic Hera Temple and gives modern spaces a true ancient Greek feel. This piece is fully upholstered in twill, a durable and elegant fabric that will add to the room’s sophistication. Sofas such as this one look amazing in the middle of a living room, completely elevating the space.

Sizeable Sofas to Fill a Living Room

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