BRABBU has created “Intense Way of Living: Collected Interiors Book,” a collection of interior design books that will undoubtedly assist people in creating the design of their dreams. To say the least, these last two years have been fastidious. It is critical that 2022 be a year of change, a year of turning tides, a year unlike any other. And a different year requires a different approach to design!

A Collection of Curated Interiors by BRABBU

This BRABBU set includes eight design books with step-by-step instructions. Seven of them are solely about one home division and how to decorate it with the latest product design trends, while the first covers all of the previous rooms as well as additional tips and tricks for decorating them in any style.

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The goal of interior design is to make a space more comfortable, elegant, and sophisticated. It’s crucial to realize that different rooms require different aesthetics and combinations for this to work. As a result, this BRABBU Book is a room-by-room guide that demonstrates the vast possibilities for people to express themselves and their way of life through interior design. 

BRABBU: A Collection of Curated Interiors Room by Room 

Entryways and Hallways

The book begins by introducing what is most likely a home’s most welcoming feature. The entryway sets the tone for the rest of the house, so a large console that attracts attention right away is ideal! Also, placing a large furniture piece in the room’s center is a great way to make a bold statement. Make your entryway both comfortable and practical with BRABBU!

A Collection of Curated Interiors by BRABBU

Living Rooms

Next, when it comes to living rooms, it’s essential to keep the space functional and comfortable, as this is a place where people should feel at ease. It is critical to have both beautiful and functional materials to complement the space in order to have the perfect living room!

A Collection of Curated Interiors by BRABBU

Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are where families often gather and spend time together for lunch or dinner, so it’s important that the space is functional for the meals and any special occasions that may arise.

A Collection of Curated Interiors by BRABBU


Kitchens are one of the most important and frequently used areas in a home. It’s where everything comes together, so it should be a division that’s both highly functional and sophisticated.

A Collection of Curated Interiors by BRABBU

Offices and Libraries

The way an office is decorated reflects a person’s essence and personality! Because these rooms are frequently smaller, a comfortable decor and functional furniture will be ideal.

A Collection of Curated Interiors by BRABBU

Bedrooms and closets

We spend time in our bedrooms resting and recharging our batteries for the next day. As a result, a space like this should offer rest, comfort, and security! It should also be furnished with beautiful furniture to make it feel just right.

A Collection of Curated Interiors by BRABBU
Collected Interiors Book: A Curated Selection on Room by Room Design

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