As we can read in the hotel website “The Ritz Paris is reborn and invites you to experience a new approach to the City of Light.” Yes, the Ritz hotel in Paris was restored and has now famous standards of beauty and opulence. The renovation took four years and $200 millions but couldn’t be more worth it. In the words of its owner Mr. al-Fayed “The new Ritz Paris remains the same as the old Ritz Paris but in a better version.” If you’re traveling to the french capital, this is going to be on your top list of places to stay.


The Newly Renovated Ritz Hotel in Paris (1)

In charge of the hotel’s renovation was Thierry W. Despont, the New York-based french architect and designer, who said that the hotel “needed a redo, but maintaining its essence and strong identity was essential, and my vision was to keep the Ritz exactly as it was but better.”

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Aesthetically, the Ritz still has the traditional 18th-century French décor that its guests are familiar with, but now there is a lighter, fresher feel throughout. Its grand décor and intimate salons welcome guests to rediscover a unique atmosphere and the inimitable French art de vivre.

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Instead of the old 159 rooms, there are now 142, and 71 are suites (although, because of the fire that happened in january, only 90 rooms are currently available to book).

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Each room at the hotel offer a unique ambiance and is as glorious as ever. Comfort and luxury will make your nights spent here. Fine woodwork and delicate pastel hues compose an intimate décor where ultimate luxury resides in every detail, accompanied by antique objects and art.

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A favorite destination among the famous personalities of other times, the Ritz Paris has now restored the signature décors of celebrated guests in its Prestige Suites, naming them after the powerful Marcel Proust, Frédéric Chopin and Coco Chanel. The furniture in all the rooms is a mix of restored pieces, newly acquired antiques and replicas.

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The Ritz Paris Suites have also re-emerged from their neoclassical settings enlarged, reconsidered to accommodate the latest technologies and dressed in subtle silks. Bathed in natural light, some even offer shaded private terraces overlooking the hotel’s magnificent French garden.

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The Ritz Paris is back and there is plenty that is brand new: the plumbing, heating and cooling systems, high-speed Wi-Fi and telephones from which guests can control lights and temperature. These are goods mean a true upgrade. The interiors, those are as beautiful as ever.

The Newly Renovated Ritz Hotel in Paris

This historic Paris hotel prides itself on mastering the art of old-world luxury. And do today’s guests want a 19th-century stage set on which to playact high society? The Ritz is betting they do.

The Newly Renovated Ritz Hotel in Paris

To distinguish itself from the ever-growing competitive landscape of Parisian ultraluxury hotels, it has doubled down precisely on its “Ritziness”: its old-world charm, extreme French-ness and legendary history.