Reading corners are one of the latest trends of spaces to have at home! It’s an area made to relax and enjoy free time with a great book in company. This is an area perfectly open to decorate the space, according to someone’s preference.

Reading corners are meant to be small but extremely cozy rooms. They can be decorated with pictures, paintings, wallpapers, etc. with anything that a person enjoys or as a way of expressing themselves. With BRABBU, anyone can make their living room a beautiful, elegant and comfortable place.

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Reading corners ideas

Reading with a view

Reading corners: Ideas to design and relax

Even though it’s not very common, reading corners can be placed on the outside to enjoy everything about a marvelous day. What can be better than relaxing a little bit under the sun in the company of a beautiful layout of products? Along with AGRA BAR TABLE, this design is made for someone to enjoy the full experience of reading a wonderful book.

Natural light Reading corners

Reading corners: Ideas to design and relax

Natural light is something fundamental in reading corners. By placing your corner next to a window, during a beautiful day, reading will become a truly enjoyable time and it will certainly make someone feel really relaxed afterwards. Here, a grey OREAS SINGLE SOFA seemed the perfect choice to match the natural light inside the room.

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Green Modern Reading Corners

Reading corners: Ideas to design and relax

A velvet green chair is always a great way to decorate an interior. Green is a color that pairs well in many environments and it is a revitalizing color that transmits calmness and viability. EARTH ARMCHAIR is the right element to bring to this soothing reading corner environment and LATZA SIDETABLE offers an inspiring mood to the room.

Comfortable reading corner with ESSEX ARMCHAIR

Reading corners: Ideas to design and relax

ESSEX ARMCHAIR has a majestic way to transform any room where it’s placed. Just by looking at the furniture item, one can already start picturing how comfortable and cozy this reading corner is. This armchair sets an inviting atmosphere as well as a calming environment to the room, perfecto to spend several hours just resting and reading a book for example.

Elegant Reading Corner with MAA ARMCHAIR

Reading corners: Ideas to design and relax

Brown is a spectacular color when it comes to interior design and MAA ARMCHAIR makes the room look soft, yet very sophisticated and clean. Although reading corners are often small spaces, with the right design, even the most limited areas can store great designs and create a beautiful atmosphere.

DAKOTA SINGLE SOFA in a Reading Corner

Reading corners: Ideas to design and relax

Reading corners have very different designs and one of the most uniques are spaces decorated with the DAKOTA SINGLE SOFA and HELIOS MIRROR which together create an incredible and powerful look to a smaller space such as this one.

Neutral Reading Corners

Reading corners: Ideas to design and relax

Neutral tones are a trend this year! Following so, this is an amazing reading corner with GEORGE SOFA and AGRA BAR TABLE adding a special touch to the space. Relaxing after a long day while laying down in the beautiful sofa is something priceless.

Cozy Reading Corner with MAYA ARMCHAIR

Reading corners: Ideas to design and relax

A way to reach a beautiful yet cozy space is to pair it with beautiful design items. MAYA ARMCHAIR is the perfect element for these spaces as it provides the room a modern and sophisticated look. If someone is looking for a little touch of nature, SEQUOIA SIDE TABLE will be just the right fit.


Reading corners: Ideas to design and relax

DAVIS ARMCHAIR looks stunning in a small place such as reading corners. If someone is looking for an area to read and enjoy the quiet, yet in a very luxurious and sophisticated way. Also, the grey WARAO Rug provides the room that touch of uniqueness and refined setting.

Bright Reading Corners

Reading corners: Ideas to design and relax

This particular reading corner has a very modern look to it. It’s bright and all of its colors perfectly match with each other, creating so, a beautiful and very comfortable space. OREAS SOFA is in the center of the room, and one of the first items that grabs the attention as well as it is the perfect element to draw attention and surprise people in the best way. MECCA SIDE TABLE and NAICAA FLOOR LIGHT, help giving this room an incredible environment.

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