Sofitel Frankfurt Opera is a 5-stars hotel, situated in Opernplatz, just a ten-minute walk from both the Frankfurt Opera and the LieslChristAnlage park.

Open since October 2016, Sofitel Frankfurt Opera combines outstandingly the sophistication of mid-century French mansions with the straight modern and demanding Frankfurter culture. It is also important to note that BRABBU was a very important part of this project. Find out why:

Sofitel Frankfurt Opera - Discover this Captivating Project

Drawing on the recognised expertise of the designer Nicolas Adnet of the firm MHNA ParisSofitel has created a resolutely modern hotel, inspired by the French city mansions of the 17th and 18th centuries. The Sofitel Frankfurt Opera pays tribute to the French way of life by recreating it in a sophisticated atmosphere, right in the heart of Frankfurt. All the furniture and facilities of the highest quality were specially designed for the hotel.

Sofitel Frankfurt Opera - Discover this Captivating Project

Sofitel Frankfurt Opera is integrated into an even bigger project – “Opernplatz 14” – of Cells-group, the company that is managing all the historical building just on the other side of the famous Frankfurt Opera. They aim to create a sublime highest standard facilities set that includes hotel, fitness, offices and living, all “made for work and life at the highest level”.

The prestigious architecture, in addition to high-quality furnishing, offers individually structured areas for tenants. The 5-star plus Sofitel Hotel extends the scope for services for a variety of conference and meeting rooms. All the high-quality services together in the same place will really make Opernplatz 14 “the Address of Absolute Sovereignty”

Sofitel Frankfurt Opera - Discover this Captivating Project

Each of the 120 rooms and 31 suites offers a breathtaking view of the Opera, the park or the Atrium.

Lili’s Bar

The “Schönemann” Restaurant and “Lili’s” Bar – which owes their names to Goethe’s great love, Lili Schönemann – open their doors to guests, inviting them to taste inspired bistro-based cuisine from Paris, or simply to enjoy a cocktail. The tea house offers a wide selection of delicious pastries. Lili’s Bar, the ex-libris of Sofitel Frankfurt Opera, is almost exclusively decorated with BRABBU’s upholstery designs.

KANSAS Counter Stool

IBIS Armchair

Natural elegance, courage, confidence, harmony, respect and peace are for sure some of the values Sofitel Frankfurt Opera wants to offer and transmit to their high-level visitors and guests.

MAA Armchair


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Sofitel Frankfurt Opera is the living-proof that sophistication and culture can walk side by side, culminating in outstanding projects like this one.