Winter is coming. In this case, it is not a reference to a famous television series. In fact winter is near and the change of season presents new trends in interior design. BRABBU presents you with different products that elevate materials and design ideas. Inspiring all over the world is the mantra.


Different textures are one of the winter trends. Therefore, environments that mix different materials will be in high demand this season. The bet for a bold design and that has the face of winter is to combine products made of wood, marble, bronze or glass.

In the hallway above we can see the versatility of BRABBU products by combining the wood of the HUANG Sideboard and the glass of the CAY RECTANGLE Mirror. This combination brings everything that reminds us of winter, that is, a mixture of classic and contemporary at the same time that passes the comfort and warmth that winter asks for.

Bringing nature in

As in other seasons of the year, nature is an essential factor for interior design. Although winter is the coldest season of the year, one of the decoration trends is precisely to bet on natural elements.

This features prominently in the environment above, starring DUKONO Armchair, SEQUOIA Center Table and SNAKE 8 Rug, by Rug’Society. The key here is to introduce natural elements within the environment, precisely to bring the idea of calm, comfort and cosiness to the space and enhance a unique and peaceful feel to the decor.


Shape matters. A design with the face of winter is one that values creativity and the different forms that interior design provides. Mixing style and innovation is a challenge that BRABBU has adopted over the years and we can see that in this environment that contains all the characteristics described in the paragraph above.

In the next room we see the boldness of the FITZROY Sofa, characterised by its powerful and fierce lines, combined with the iconic design and textures of the KUMI I Mirror. The unique feel of the living room is highlighted through the rounded lines of the KOI Center Table and NAICCA Chandelier. This combination is one of the trends for winter.

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