There is a sophisticated house in Central London, inspired by the Hamptons, and designed by Melissa and Miller Interiors. The clients have always loved the look of Hamptons beach houses, so the designers’ idea was to recreate one in the middle of the UK´s capital.

Since it is located in central London, the designers were very careful of the local urban environment and the need to elevate the look, in order to match the sophistication required by the clients and combining relaxed-vibe found in the Hamptons.

Sophisticated House in Central London with BRABBU´s Armchairs

Therefore, Melissa and Miller used the warmth, comfort and colour often found in these homes as the main inspiration for this project, and BRABBU makes a statement in the living room, which is a focal point on this sophisticated house when walking into the front door, with Nº 20 Armchairs.

Sophisticated House in Central London with BRABBU´s Armchairs

This space is fully completed and decorated in bold colours – clementine, citron, cobalt – to act as neutral among the soothing aquas, warm whites and rich wood accents.

As told by Melissa and Miller, Nº 20 Armchairs were a perfect complement to the relaxed and bespoke sofas. The strength and grounding the chairs offer the room, combined with the femininity and subtlety of its open arms, provided a grandness feeling to the living room, contributing to the arising of this sophisticated house.

Nº20 Armchair

Sophisticated House in Central London with BRABBU´s Armchairs

Symbol of knowledge and rebirth, Nº20 Armchair was raised through a long journey of 24 prototypes. This fabric chair, fully upholstered in twill, features a nailhead trim that adds subtle sophistication. Full of strength and determination, it is sure to impress.

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Plus, the designers specifically sourced and asked a chair with gorgeous back details and openness, so that the pieces were flattering from any angle – particularly when coming up from the terrace of this sophisticated house.

Sophisticated House in Central London with BRABBU´s Armchairs

Also, the clients, along with their two children, really wanted to have an open house for their friends and family, since entertaining and quality time is at the forefront of their minds. So, the designers took the lead from them by creating an open-plan kitchen and a family room space. Even the home’s entrance is wide and open, large enough for a party, but at the same time can be really quiet and intimate just for the family to enjoy.

Sophisticated House in Central London with BRABBU´s Armchairs

For Melissa and Miller, this sophisticated house was an exciting and stimulating project, due to the complexity it represented. According to them, “It’s always a challenge to “dig deep” in the subterranean London ground, and this project was no exception. And staying innovative, as it is always critical to us to steer away from repeating any looks we’ve created in the past”.

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This combination of class and casualness, with a feeling of comfort and cosiness, resulting in a truly sophisticated house, that make us want to live there.