Looking for the interior design trends 2016 already? Architonic gather together with the most influencial designers of our era, to understand which material trends the design world will use in not just 2016, bu ast well in the next few years.

Today, we bring the point of view of the  dutch designer Richard Hutten on the upcoming material trends.

Richard Hutten is known for his playful approach to design. Always wondering how he might add something fresh and unusual, his aim is to create new possibilities to the already existing. His works reflect his personal signature, which might be described as optimistic, fun, friendly and surprising.

Upcoming Material Trends by Richard Hutten 5 Upcoming Material Trends by Richard HuttenUpcoming Material Trends by Richard Hutten 5

Architonic met the Dutch designer to find out which material he would chose if asked to work with just one for the next three years.

Richard Hutten: ‘That is a tough question. I like all materials – and I don’t like limitations. I like freedom and I like to do whatever I want. I do everything. It also depends on what I will be designing for the next few years. One of my favourite materials is wood because it is a nice warm material. It can be any kind of wood – as long as it is not killing the rainforest, it’s fine with me.

‘Then again,’ continues Hutten, ‘I’m thinking what would be the material with the most possibilities, to be less limited. So, ultimately, I would have to say textiles. Although, there is not a specific textile that I would pick. Brand-wise, I would definitely say Kvadrat but I like everything. I prefer natural fibres, not polyester and things like that. In the end everything works for me.’
‘We have done several upholstery pieces for various clients and therefore have a lot of experience with textiles. There is for example the Layers Cloud Chair for Kvadrat, and then we just launched the Satellite Chair for Offecct and the X-chair for Moroso. Almost ten years ago we collaborated with Italian carpet company I + I in Milan and developed a reinterpretation of a traditional Persian rug called “Playing With Tradition”.’

Upcoming Material Trends by Richard Hutten 2 Upcoming Material Trends by Richard HuttenUpcoming Material Trends by Richard Hutten 2
Richard Hutton’s product design

‘The choice of materials depends a lot on the client, too. I worked for Christopher, they only do sofas. I worked for Skultuna, they only do brass. And so the material you pick is very obvious. In other cases, we come up with the concept and then we search for the best materials that suit the project. I like to explore all the possibilities before we make the decision.‘

‚Architects usually draw circles to indicate where to position chairs on their floor plans. So I came up with the idea to make the top view of the chair a circle. To me the circle is the most elegant form, there are no bulky sides and it can go in all directions which means it’s never out of place‘ says Richard Hutten.

‘In general I would say that warm materials are increasingly important; because the world is turning into this crazy place – a lot of uncertainties, terrorists … the home becomes more and more the shelter where you want to be, you feel free, comfortable and happy. I think textiles can really add to this cosiness and warmth. That said, I just came from Dubai; they hate wool, probably because it is too hot. So there are local preferences. Personally, I think wool is also perfect in the heat, but they have other ideas. In Europe, plain textiles may be more common. I like both – patterns and plain fabric. I find the Dutch company Febrik interesting; they make these 3D textiles that stretch a lot – this gives the designer many new possibilities. Another quality of textile that people tend to forget is that it helps to improve the acoustics in the space.’
‘A material that I could immediately reject? Anything that is too polluting, I wouldn’t use it.’ Hutten

Upcoming Material Trends by Richard Hutten 3 Upcoming Material Trends by Richard HuttenUpcoming Material Trends by Richard Hutten 3
‘I believe that in the future we need more recycled textiles and there is still a lot of work to do. I would love to use recycled textiles. It would be interesting if you still can feel that it is recycled, but at the same time it should be sexy and attractive. This of course requires a lot of research. I always find it nice to keep the history, the tradition of textiles and then turn it into something fresh and new. That would be the challenge I would give myself if I designed a new textile.’


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