Whether they are made of paper or vinyl, create a wood or stone effect, or are striped, patterned or solid-coloured – wall coverings lend a room a unique atmosphere and, like furniture, can be an element of design. And with a bit of courage and skill, walls can be transformed into true works of art. Discover the wallpaper trends that will transform your home decor!

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Wallpaper Trends 2016: Walls to feel good within


It is not only during the cold months of the year that people long to have warmth, nature and texture in their homes once again. The new cosiness, which makes our homes more comfortable with accessories and furniture, does not stop at the walls. Coarse textures with a tactile effect are intended to invoke a feel-good atmosphere on the walls as well. Wallpaper with warm, tactile surface textures provide a contrast to the cold, sterile surfaces of the technology all around us.

Wallpaper Trends 2016: Walls to feel good within

Warmth is also dominant in terms of colours: Soft sand and beige tones, quiet pastel colours from lemon yellow to lime green to delicate pink, and homey hues like vanilla, ivory, teal, bordeaux and taupe radiate tranquility and comfort in the coming season, as do fine gold and copper nuances. Subtle glimmering effects and faux-unis – in blue and grey hues, perhaps, or in faded denim – create a luxurious atmosphere. Only at first glance do faux-uni wallpapers appear to be a solid colour, however. A closer look reveals various shades and patterns. However, living spaces may also be decorated with vibrant, contrasting colours in addition to subtle tone-on-tone.

Wallpaper Trends 2016: Walls to feel good within

For the wallpaper designs themselves, the trend is similar: for example, patterns borrowed from nature can conjure up blossoming landscapes on living-room walls. The finest floral watercolour motifs in pastel hues are as welcome here as exuberant botanical paintings. So-called damask patterns in a faded style mimic weathering and wear, like that of carpets; this creates the popular vintage effect. Opulent patterns in turquoise-bronze, orange-grey or azure-gold lend rooms a sophisticated touch. Luxurious textile patterns in vibrant colours like emerald blue or pink take centre-stage.


Wallpapers suggestive of an entirely different material go one step further by creating visions of crumbling brick walls, natural wooden planks or even luxurious leather upholstery. With the use of such wallpapers, individual walls take on the form of entire living scenarios, which transform the room, roll by roll, into a loft, an old manufacturing plant or a log cabin on a lake in Sweden. Careful craftsmanship gives textures a natural look.

Wallpaper Trends 2016: Walls to feel good within

In addition to these nature-inspired wallpapers, there is also wall decoration on a truly natural basis. Decorative coatings consisting of natural materials provide one example. Sheets produced from dried grass or flowers create a multi-sensory experience that appeals to our sense of sight, smell and touch and allow us to forget the hectic pace of everyday life, at least for a moment.

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