La Finca Home in Madrid is the newest project by HOME’SOCIETY Studio x BRABBU and will be the topic for today.

The “Untamed” La Finca Home in Madrid, located in the well-known La Finca neighborhood in Madrid, has 199.30m2 I 2145.24sqft of intensely unique design that has a lush and glamorous feel written all over its walls. The combination of artistic sensibilities with visual thrills and materials that are not only intense but enchanting, created a masterpiece of design, a warm, functional, and highly inviting place that anyone would love to own as a home.

With an imposing structure, unlike any other, this amazing apartment reproduces wondrous cubism art paintings on its walls, mixing the incredible art with strong patterns, shapes, and choices that turn this project into one of the most unique, astonishing, and intensely fierce homes one will ever see in their life. Filled with a radiant vibrance that none other can replicate, this is a place made to lead and create the hottest trends in the market.

La Finca: The Interweave Entryway

The Untamed La Finca Home in Madrid

Just like the patterns and shapes that are part of a painting interweave, so do moments. These moments in one’s home, start and finish at the entrance of the house. It is where the day truly begins and ends, it is where we greet our friends before a splendid night of fun, and it is where we receive all kinds of news and deliveries. It is truly a mixture of emotions, memories, of life patterns. The BEGONIA Dining Chair in blue is the perfect complement to the wonderfully designed and produced COLOSSEUM Console while having its incredibly unique luxurious fierceness increased by the CAY Square Mirror and its unique aesthetic.

La Finca: The Portrait Office

The Untamed La Finca Home in Madrid

Usually, one uses the office to work, and what is work if not the reflection of oneself? The portrait office offers the client the time he needs to think, work and reflect on all the things that surround their life. The portrait in the back, made in the cubist art movement provides a great deal of inspiration within this wondrous place, inspiring both the client who works in it and those who merely pay a visit to their home. The DUKONO Armchair pulls all eyes into its wonderfully unique design, stealing some major attention even from the wonderfully designed DALYAN Dining Chair, all the while being supported by the uniquely splendid UMLAZA Rug. On the wall, overseeing this portrait office is the VELLUM Wall Light in all its glory.

La Finca: The En Pleurs Living Room

The Untamed La Finca Home in Madrid

living room is filled with feelings, intensity, and tenderness. For every fierce moment of joy, there is a quiet moment of peace, almost like the silence that comes after a raging storm and that resonates through the room. The painting in the beautiful marble wall, of a woman in tears, perfectly encapsulates what this room is supposed to be about: feeling and letting feel, to shed tears of joy, of sadness, to laugh, to smile, to simply be. With the LALLAN Centre Table, the wonderful APIS Table Light, and the amazing KAROO II Counter Stool, this living room inhales life and perfectly contributes to the family memories that are being built inside the living room’s walls. With the SAKI Pendant Lights providing a unique golden shine and the utterly fantastic DÊCO Rug artistically framing the space’s walls, this is a room where the client can truly feel inspired!

La Finca: The Covenant Dining Room

The Untamed La Finca Home in Madrid

This amazing dining room was inspired by the ancient and powerful Ark of the Covenant, a golden chest that was itself a treasure, and treasure should be the moments people have at dinner time, with their family. Accompanying the blissful family times, however, will be a warm aesthetic that could easily rival the imposing fierceness of the ark it is based upon. The STOLA Dining Chair is the major drawer of attention in this wonderful design, with its appealing color, being complemented by the incredible NAZCA Sideboard, the unique AURUM Suspension Light, and the intensely amazing AGRA Display. What an amazing combination.

La Finca: The Tranquilidad Bedroom

The Untamed La Finca Home in Madrid

The bedroom is our most precious haven, the place at home that lets the client’s personality shine through, that encapsulates the feeling of the whole house. This amazing sleeping chamber is luxurious, lush and yet, simple, just as cubism is a simplification of geometric forms. Its wonderful ambiance allows for extreme comfort that will turn your moments into instants of calm, peacefulness, and inspired blissfulness. If there is one thing to be certain of, is that the TRANQUILIDAD Bedroom at La Finca perfectly encapsulates the experience of living a peaceful and quiet life away from the noisiest days. With the utterly fantastic and unique BARAKA Bedside Table and the amazing WALES Bed, this room is a masterclass in fierce products that bring out the inner peace in one’s mind and soul, perfectly contributing to the room’s peaceful ambiance.

La Finca: The Urban Oasis Bathroom

The Untamed La Finca Home in Madrid

Just like the greenery one spots while walking the desert, so is this bathroom a green beacon of hope, a place to rest and restore one’s strength, an urban oasis to escape the problems of everyday life. From its incredibly unique marble to the view of nature outside the window, this bathroom at La Finca Home will turn the client’s rest into moments of incredibly powerful reflection, allowing for a bad day filled with stress to turn into a dreamy experience for all the senses. Featuring the amazing Ring Mirror above the uniquely designed Newton Freestanding and ornamented by the Galliano II Wall Lamp, this bathroom truly shines, but the true centerpiece of the room is the magnificent Newton Bathtub, a regal item that the clients will truly feel at peace in.

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