Color is a big part of interior design! We’ve officially started a new year, which could mean new interior design trends are on the way. This new year may bring with it new hope and the opportunity to reinvent ourselves once more. As a result, staying current with new design trends is an important part of the process.

A number of studies show that the ambiance in our homes has a direct impact on our mood and well-being. Therefore, these are the interior design trends that experts predict will dominate the year 2022.

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Color Trends To Mark the Year of 2022

Very Peri was named the color of the year by the Pantone Institute and therefore, it is more than expected to be incorporated in elements of interior design. This is a color that will blend very well, due to the fact it represents a joyful and dynamic presence and has the ability to encourage people’s creativity and imaginative thinking. It is also a color that integrates very well with other different tones such as gold or brown. 

Color Trends To Mark the Year of 2022


Color Trends To Mark the Year of 2022

Even though neutral colors remain a popular trend from last year, some experts believe that the next step will be to move away from having everything in a neutral tone and to see more colorful objects inside a room. As previously stated, this is a year of anticipation and animation, so bright and powerful colors are ideal for expressing that feeling.

Color Trends To Mark the Year of 2022
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The year’s interior design trends will continue to be influenced by the connection to nature, so green will continue to be popular. This is a very soft tone that is also a good representation of how we can appreciate nature and be reminded of vast gardens and nature’s overall green. Furthermore, this is a shade that mixes well with other neutrals like brown, terracotta, and black.


Although neutral colors will play a smaller role in the year 2022, some colors, such as brown and terracotta, will continue to thrive. Experts believe that while people will experiment with more colorful decorations, neutral colors will remain due to the need to maintain a close relationship with nature. Any room will look instantly cozier and more inviting when neutrals are used inside.

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