Restaurant Interior Ideas: a good interior design can do as much for a restaurant as good food and drinks can. It is all about making the space unique and and being sure that whoever enters the space never forgets the whole experience. That is what happens when you step inside the Le Pain Français.

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Le Pain Francais restaurant interior ideas Le Pain Francais restaurant interior inspiration Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, this luxurious restaurant resembles a fancy, colorful museum and was designed by Stylt Trampoli. This Swedish architecture and design firm has designed restaurant and hotel interiors in Scandinavia for the past 20 years and is known for its use of stories and narratives as a base for its surprising design.Le Pain Francais restaurant interior inspiration Le Pain Francais restaurant interior inspiration Combining the elegant use of color and texture, the interior design of this restaurant is magical, glamorous and sophisticated, yet cozy and welcoming at the same time. The slightly over-the-top and eclectic interior decor can take us back to the days of Jules Verne and Gustave Eiffel. restaurant interior ideas le pain français

This was the first Stylt Trampoli’s project that Brabbu was a part of. KOI center table was the selected piece for its magical lighting mutations revealed by the brass surface, combined with the glass top.

Le Pain Francais restaurant interior inspiration Le Pain Francais restaurant interior inspiration

Le Pain Francais is an established chain of French bakeries in Gothenburg but this is their first foray into a full-scale restaurant, serving excellent food in an gorgeous and unforgettable space. Eating at Le Pain Français is a full experience where food and design meet in a glorious combination. Here is some photos to inspire you to visit this restaurant or even try something different in your home décor.


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