With an infinite option of styles, colors and fabrics, it can be though to pick the best sofa type. To guide you, we gathered some living room inspiration and decorating ideas we are sure will inspire you. The sofa is the center of a living room and around which the whole interior design is created so it’s important you choose carefully the one that fits your personal taste and lifestyle. You need to ask yourself some questions: Do I want a neutral or bold sofa? Do I want a stylish and trendy sofa or a durable option that will still look good in a few years?

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5 Steps On How To Pick The Best Sofa For Your Living Room

living room inspiration - how to pick the best sofa type for your living room

1. Size. If you’re looking for small living room design ideas, make sure to measure the space so you can know if the sofa you’re picking fits your space. You should also pick something pratical but with a strong design since it will be the start of the room. For a big family room, think about how much of the space you want to fill with the sofa. Do you want a couple of sofas, a big sofa with chairs or a sectional?

living room inspiration - how to pick the best sofa type for your living room 3

2. Where to place it? Decide where you will place the sofa. Next to a wall or in the middle of the living room. Do you want to create a social area or just place it in front of a tv? Again, if you have a large sitting room, add some chairs to create multiple seating areas.

living room inspiration how to pick a sofa

3. Material. There’s a bunch of fabrics you can choose from: tuftedleathervelvetcottonlinen, etc… If you live alone or with your partner, you can choose any of these materials according to your personal preference. But if you have kids or pets, you should probably avoid velvet, cotton and linen since they’re not very durable. Aesthetic is important, but functionality is key when it comes to choosing a material for your sofa. Leather is timeless, durable and gets better with age.

living room inspiration how to pick a sofa

4. Style. Do you prefer a modern or a classic sofa? Are you a fan of vintage or minimalism? Maybe you like the look of a chesterfield sofa or prefer a sectional.

living room inspiration how to pick a sofa

5. Color. If you don’t want to experiment with colors, go for a neutral. It never goes out of style and by changing the pillows, curtains and some other décor accessories, you quickly change the whole look of your modern interior design. But, if you’re a bold person, get a statement sofa that will be the star of your modern interior design.


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What is your favorite living room inspiration? Feel free to share with us your decoration ideas!


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