MIAMI: The City Of Design In December

December is the time of the year that we all wait for throughout the year. Not it’s Christmas, but also it’s when we can celebrate design as a whole in the beautiful city that is Miami. This month we show you two of the best design events: Design Miami/ and Art Basel.

Though in the same place – Basel, Miami – and at the same time, this two have different focuses.

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Design Miami/ – from 6th to 10th of December – is a fair that acts as a global forum for all design that can be collectible. But much more than a huge gallery for high-end contemporary furniture, lighting, and pieces of art, this is a place where cultural knowledge is exchanged and designers along with many design institutions work together to cover all types of design – from interior design to architecture, to art, to fashion. This is a fair where collectors and enthusiasts can find everything they are looking for.

MIAMI: The City Of Design In December

Art Basel – from 7th to 10th of December, at Miami Beach Convention Center. This is a fair that joins modern and contemporary art through galleries from all across the world. It may be large-scale artworks, but it also includes films and performances that can be seen nearby Collins Park and SoundScape Park.

MIAMI: The City Of Design In December

Another thing that these fairs have in common is that they believe in expanding their legacy, reaching international cities to include everyone that has the passion to Create.

If you are in Miami don’t hesitate to be a part of something that has an incredible capacity to upgrade your network and your inspiration.

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