Just one look at the Spanish restaurant El Pintón, located in the heart of Seville, is enough to know the great history behind every corner. Located a few meters from the cathedral; the former textile warehouse was originally built in 1790 and renovated in 1919 by the Spanish architect Aníbal González.

Spanish restaurant with a great design El Pintón

The now reformed place, its El Pintón, a new tapas restaurant and cocktails. Responsible for decoration, the designers from Madrid, Cristina Lucas and Fernando Hernandez Dominguez-Gil have showered the restaurant in their fresh signature aesthetic, improving the original structure of the building: an interior patio lights all the place and exalts the main hall room, filled with plants and trees; while bespoke wood and metal furniture in yellow, blue and green colors are mixed with traditional Sevillian tiles found in one of the eating areas; a plenty of inspiration ideas in this place!

Spanish restaurant with a great design El Pintón - 2

Spanish restaurant with a great design El Pintón - 1

‘The various spaces articulate around the courtyard that sits at the heart of the restaurant which blurs the lines between interior and exterior… We have reinforced this ambiguity by placing in this central room a serious of plants – say the Spanish interior designers.

Spanish restaurant with a great design El Pintón - 3
Interestingly, the food made by the chef Javier Carmona is an eclectic update on typical tapas with a mixture of Mediterranean notes, and some other Asian blasts. Among the best options, is the tasty ham and mustard croquettes,the yaki udon Iberian pork noodles and the brioche French toast with dulce de leche. But -with no doubts- the main pleause is the joy that brings the amazing interior decoration of this restaurant in Spain.

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