The new store is located in the center of the Mailbox building and was purposely created to offer a luxury shop, transforming the retail environment specifically by providing technology with a sophisticated shopping experience.

Harvey-Nichols-lighting-store-birmingham-uk Harvey Nichols Store Lighting Launched at Birmingham UKHarveyNichols lighting store birmingham uk

Reggiani Lighting has supplied two of its prime luminaires for the new Harvey Nichols concept store.
Lighting Design designed and created by PJC Light Studio Limited, London, they immediately homed in on two of the most prestigious Reggiani fittings to be used in a wide range of areas across the store, including womenswear, menswear, perfumery, lingerie and shoe departments.

HarveyNichols-new-store-at-birmingham-uk-brabbu Harvey Nichols Store Lighting Launched at Birmingham UKHarveyNichols new store at birmingham uk brabbu

To perfectly match the dark ceiling design, were selected more than 800 large Reggiani Yori fixtures incorporating 30W LED black, mounted on pre existing tracks.
The YORI luminaire offers precise illumination that is ideal for merchandise areas and it can easily be adjusted for more defined interior lighting control.

harvey-nichols-lighting-store-birmingham-uk-brabbu Harvey Nichols Store Lighting Launched at Birmingham UKharvey nichols lighting store birmingham uk brabbu

The large YORI luminaire in white for the lingerie and swimwear department with the fittings, taking advantage of existing tracks, but within white ceiling slots against a white ceiling, creating a very different style.

Harvey-Nichols-Store-Lighting-by-Birmingham-UK-Brabbu Harvey Nichols Store Lighting Launched at Birmingham UKHarvey Nichols Store Lighting by Birmingham UK Brabbu

In the locker room space, were used Trybeca Fixtures illumination becomes an invaluable accessory for High End retail project.


lighting-store-HarveyNichols-birmingham-uk-brabbu Harvey Nichols Store Lighting Launched at Birmingham UKlighting store HarveyNichols birmingham uk brabbu

The Trybeca fitting complements the opulent design store of the very spacious changing area and harmonises well with the existing, relaxing surroundings, whilst providing an excellent quality of light – an absolute imperative for the top dressing-room for discerning shoppers.