In the heart of Paris, the Victor Hugo Hotel is the magical place where you can taste a special mix of Parisian Style and Contemporary Design.

The perfect combination of these two ingredients was born in 2018, when the renowned architect Laurent Maugoust met BRABBU for the first time.
It was love at first sight.

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Today, the BRABBU’s modern contemporary design welcomes guests from all over the world in the entrance of Victor Hugo Hotel, near the Champs-Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe.

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Inspired by Maya’s Maize Goddess, the two Maya Armchairs furnish the reception décor of Victor Hugo Hotel. They are made by a sensual velvet texture of a bright golden color.

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A small center table embellishes the art-deco ambience: it’s inspired by scales of the Koi carp, a recurring symbol of Japanese culture that confers exoticism and peacefulness at the hotel interior. The natural color mutations of the carp make it able to adapt, such as the versatile Koi tables, available with marble or glass tops.

The ambience is completed by a final touch with a black art-deco inspired screen in a floral pattern. The Victor Hugo Hotel entrance conncects completely opposed inspirations and reveals the strong nature of the brand, that’s not afraid of taking risks and combine different styles. BRABBU experiments a sensory design that evokes a unique experience in every piece of each collection, in perfect harmony with spaces and people.

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