Being one of the most famous interior designers in France, Patrick Jouin has already some of the best hotels of the world in his resumé. This time around, the hospitality industry has a new asset designed by the french designer: the boutique hotel Fontevraud.

Patrick Jouin has converted Fontevraud l’Abbaye, within the Loire Valley, to a luxury relais with minimal and elegant interiors. Located in the heart of the Abbaye Royale, Fontevraud L’Hôtel perpetuates the art of entertaining in a majestic setting, away from the chaos of the world. In fact, the boutique hotel is the result of the successful restyling of a medieval monastery, declared a World Heritage by Unesco.


boutique hotel Fontevraud (3)

Converted to a modern hotel by a team led by Abbey Director David Martin and designer Patrick Jouin, creative director of Jouin Manku, the Fontevraud L’Hôtel has become a historical location with a future, rather than simply a site to reflect on the past.

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«A journey between tradition and modernity», says Patrick Jouin, about this magical place and of its extraordinary natural and historic context.

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The spaces in the building are elegant and simple, in a limited colour palette, from beige to white with a touch of grays.

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The careful selection of materials includes steel, corten, wood and wool. Jouin’s contemporary design asserts itself amidst the breathtaking masonry of the Abbey in a contained yet striking manner.

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The project focuses on simplicity, reception and refinement.

Patrick Jouin - boutique hotel Fontevraud

Opened on to the cloister and adopting the architecture of a former priory, Fontevraud Le Restaurant combines heritage, history and haute cuisine.

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The beautiful furnishings in the rooms – all by Patrick Jouin – offer a warm cocoon which combines quietness, comfort and elegance.

Today Fontevraud is a charming hotel offering a unique eating and sleeping experience surrounded by the green Loire countryside, within the walls of a beautiful historic architecture. At night, the guests can walk along the Abbaye Royale, draw inspiration from its thousand-year-old heritage and immerse themselves in its unique atmosphere. A new approach from other interior design styles, Fontevraud is making its way into one of leading hotels of the world.