There’s a lot of trade fairs happening in next September. Maison & Objet Paris and two furniture design events at London Design Festival 2015 will happen, the 100% Design and Decorex International. Today, it’s time to announce the winner of New Designers that as prize can exhibit his work for free at 100% Design 2015.

Every year 100% Design picks out one exceptional designer at New Designers to exhibit for free in Emerging Brands. This year the award was given to Mu Hau Kao, a design graduate at Camberwell College of Arts, for his Ply Stools.

The New Designer winner for 100 Design 2015 is Mu Hau Kao 1

100% Design 2015 director William Knight said of the award:

“‘Mu Hau Kao’s ‘Ply Stool’ stood out as an example of determination to succeed against the advice of manufacturers. By experiment and commitment a simple, practical and commercially primed product emerged.”

Although shying away from the camera, he lets his pieces do most of the talking. Undeniably his collection of work displays his dedication to his craft and so we decided to catch up with Mu to find out about the ideas, inspiration and future for his work.

The New Designer winner for 100 Design 2015 is Mu Hau Kao 7

Alongside an array of other talented students, his project fronts the Camberwell stand as a display of his journey to creation. Simple in structure are a row of smooth wooden chairs perched behind the map of thoughts and practise pieces that lay along the flooring.

Mu explains that his project was always about using one natural material throughout his work. In forming the structure with this material and being able to support the body at the same time, his pieces are the perfect balance of comfort and ethics.

The New Designer winner for 100 Design 2015 is Mu Hau Kao 4 The New Designer winner for 100 Design 2015 is Mu Hau Kao 3

The idea for his collection is to use a material as a reference to nature.

“I went to Epping forest and Thames riverside to see the trends with trees and the rocks from the riverside, so that I could get the natural curve and form.”

The New Designer winner for 100 Design 2015 is Mu Hau Kao 6

Although he takes inspiration from naturally ridged and thick objects, his collection is surprisingly sleek and modern.

“Everything is about less. Less design, more simplicity. It’s also about how we take the harmony of nature and put it into our lives.”

After winning an award for his collection of work he dwelled in delight, seeing the award as something extremely positive and beneficial for his future.

“It means a lot to me because it shows that people have appreciated my work, but the award itself also means that it works as a recommendation for others to see. This is really important, especially for my CV, as a graduate going out into industry.”

The theme for 100% Design 2015 is design in colors. It is here that the top colour trends for 2016 will thread throughout the show and act as a means of navigating the show floors as well as demonstrating the day-to-day importance of colour.