Maison et Objet Paris is the major event for professionals working in the art of living in all its rich and varied expressions and it is also an integral part of the Paris Design Week. In this fair, the styles coexist in a multifaceted way, throughout the inventive show design which enlivens the spaces.

Today we are going to talk about the awards that are going to be handed out in this event, for those designers that work hard to receive it.

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Check out down below this year’s awards.

Designers of the year

For this event, that happens in January and in September, each of these Designers must fit within the profile of each of the Paris shows. At a beginning of the year the designer must be more product design-oriented profile and in September a designer needs to be more closely related to the world of interior architecture or decor for September.

In 2018, here we are the winners:

  • Cecilie Manz

    (The designer of the Year Award – January 2018)

Maison et Objet Paris: Awards

Her inspiration is the connection that she has with the family and friends, as well as the lifestyle too.

Maison et Objet Paris: Awards

Her exhibition featured existing products and new designs, displayed in a warm and homey atmosphere – the underlying theme that defines every single one of her creations.

“The balance she maintains between civilization and nature is vital to her creative process.”

  • Ramy Fischler

    (The designer of the Year Award – September 2018)

Maison et Objet Paris: Awards

His work is strongly influenced by cinema, a discipline which has always fascinated him.

Maison & Objet Paris: Awards

In this edition of MO18, Ramy Fischler has chosen to spotlight the diversity of his studio’s activities and projects from day to day, offering visitors a chance to grasp his visionary and holistic approach.

“Fiction and collaborative work are the twin pillars of his process.”

Rising Talents – September 2018

  • Marc Dibeh

Maison et Objet Paris: Awards

“Behind each story, there are people, relationships, and memories. It is like packing a whole world into a single object.”

  • Anastasia Nysten

Maison et Objet Paris: Awards

“I am very excited about this experience! This event will unquestionably turn the limelight on us and our country.”

  • Carlo Massoud

Maison et Objet Paris: Awards

Maison et Objet Paris: Awards

“In a country like ours, where there is virtually no industry, design lives by virtue of local craftsmen making small-batch productions, sold in galleries or by word of mouth.”

  • Paola Sakr

Maison et Objet Paris: Awards

Maison et Objet Paris: Awards

“There is still so much potential to explore in new materials, potential to develop products that could find applications even in luxury markets.”

  • Studio Caramel

Maison et Objet Paris: Awards

Maison & Objet Paris: Awards

“Exploring elaborate details and bold materials, our duo converges to create innovative and unusual combinations.”

  • Carla Baz

Maison & Objet Paris: Awards

Maison et Objet Paris: Awards

“Today, highly experienced artisans have inherited this expertise passed down through generations and continue to preserve these crafts.”

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