The Home’Society Virtual Showroom promises to tell a story about the most well-known corners of London, the powerful city that inspired it. The real aim is to immerse any visitor in a modern and highly luxurious design by providing them with a virtual experience that they have never had before. Home’Society was in charge of creating and decorating a virtual space in collaboration with BRABBU, Maison Valentina, and Rug’Society, giving them the opportunity to show the versatility and customization that is always present in all these brand’s concepts. This virtual space was inspired by London and it was thought to be explosive attractive and intense like London.

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This showroom has eleven different spaces, including an entryway and a guest room to receive all visitors. Then, on the left side of the showroom, Home’Society offers three distinct areas in which customers can interact with the most recent BRABBU, Maison Valentina, and Rug’Society products. On the other hand, when the interactors swipe to the right, they can find a reinterpretation of a house, with a bedroom, a
dining and a living room, a closet, a bedroom, and a bar zone. As a result, this aforementioned virtual area has a distinct design style that can be both bright and sophisticated while also expressing the idea of a comfortable space, no matter where the confusion of London streets takes the guest.


Just like 10 Downing Street, this welcoming area is a must-see stop that opens everyone’s mind to the journey that is just about to start. The functionality and modernity can be noticed in the intense color palette and in the design of these products. The AGRA Dining Table is the statement element in this entryway, combined with the symmetrically displayed NANOOK Armchairs just to be modern and functional in a lightful environment.


After crossing the entryway, the visitors can see a fascinating display of some star products that work together to form the heart of this virtual showroom. Just like when the sky is appreciated, this living room seems to be the perfect space to take a deep breath and imagine how powerful this showroom will be. Combining some different colors, Home’Society presents the two classic ZULU Armchairs that contrast
with the sophistication and luxury of the NAICCA Chandelier and the SNAKE 8 Rug by Rug’Society. The diversity of colors, materials, and textures makes this room richer than the universe where people can see not only the big dipper.


This is a place where imagination has no end. BRABBU represents an intense way of living based on the values of nature, fierceness, memories, and culture, all adapted to the cosmopolitan lifestyle. The most high-quality materials are the means to transform ideas into real-life furniture solutions. On the Latest Trends by BRABBU, the visitors will be presented with unique products tailor-made to perform in your unique life. BRABBU dares to live wildly and every single product embodies this purpose.


A place where color gains life. This is a spot where Rug’Society is presented as it really deserves to be: like
an art gallery. Each one of the rugs embodies a different character: for courageous people, the IMPERIAL SNAKE Rug gives the needed power. With cream colors in botanical silk, this luxurious rug is inspired by the power of snakes. Instead, VALENCIA Rug is very versatile. This exquisite rug can adapt to the circumstances, not leaving its essence behind. In RUG’Society Gallery, it is up to the client to take the history of every single one of the rugs and create their own story. Unique, exclusive, and deluxe rugs design.


Pickering Place is known for being the smallest square in Britain, but where history was made and persists to be told. The Pickering Place epitomizes this essence, making it so unique. These are places of reunion,
with friends or family, to enjoy all together and create memories. When designing these places, it can seem ambitious to fulfill the desire to have the latest design embedded in a functional cozy ambiance. The four armchairs give the space a really intimate core, but they were not chosen by chance. ESSEX Armchairs is a barrel armchair with a soft velvet touch, the ideal choice for a living room design that aims to contradict the norms of the ordinary – Pickering Place exudes the needed comfort and tranquillity of the room, filled with the most exquisite elements.


This is the place where clients’ projects are realized, and that’s why it is known as the genuine Factory of Dreams. One of the main goals of HOMES’SOCIETY brands is to give the possibility to every customer to tailor-made their furniture through the design service, giving the power to create unique and personal elements that can transform and realize a space. The Factory of Dreams has a wide range of unique and premium-quality samples: with over 35 different materials and finishes, 40 fabrics with more than 500 colors and textures that teases the visitors to experience a completely divergent reality.


Bond Street is the home of luxury shopping, known worldwide for its wealth of elegant stores, designer
fashion and some of the most exclusive brands. Following this idea, the Bond Street Showcases some
of the most luxurious bathroom items leading the reference of luxury bathroom market in the entire world. SYMPHONY bath is one of the best-sellers from Maison Valentina that defies their clients to have the perfect bathroom and appreciate some “me time” at the end of the day.


Presenting Notting Hill, the St. Luke’s Mew 27 is one of the most well-known corners and it is called this way not because it is pink, but because it has such a refined and recognizable essence with a unique and timeless design. Furthermore, at the center, the rectangular CAY Mirror embodies exactly this elegant principle. Made for women and men who desire to empower themselves, St. Luke’s Mew 27 is custom- made to their needs.


All of Antiques Road Show desires can be found at the Portobello Road Market. This is the largest street
market in the world, where it can be found everything. Inspired by this purpose, Portobello Road is a space where the comfort of the living room is blended with the practicability of the kitchen and the pleasant essence of the dining room. It is the space where families and friends spend the majority of their at-home time together. The mixture of elements is the key to this dazzling design: the golden details of AURUM Suspension light over the dining room with the solids MECCA II Side Tables give a boost to the white LALLAN Back Sofa, the focus of the set. Portobello Road has the ideal disposition of some
breathtaking elements that transform it into a functional yet modern and desirable room design.


This is the most imponent room in the whole house. The design of the bedroom performs a significant influence on the day-to-day way of living. The St Luke’s Mews was created to have a secret escape from the busy world, not letting go of the beauty and mystery behind every element. Featuring some sumptuous color shades, like red, gold, and white, this bedroom has a characteristical essence. The ESSEX Headboard and Sommier match with the Wales Bench in pastel tones, while the white DALYAN Armchairs give the finishing touch to the set.


After an exhausting yet mesmerizing virtual tour through the Showroom, it is time to enjoy in the Gobpsy Bar. Inspired by a top-secret bar in London, hidden beneath an unassuming barbershop, Gobspy Bar is unlike any place that has never been seen before. The affable colors of the BOURBON Dining Chairs blended with the golden details of the luxurious NAICCA Suspension lights and the costum-made to the space KOI Screens transform this simple space into a world of wonders. Gobpsy Bar seems to be the ideal place to end this virtual Showroom, with the curiosity to do it all over again.