The 4th of July is almost here and BRABBU made the Ultimate Guide to Inspire Your Independence Day Decorations! A short guide on how to incorporate red and blue in your home decor! Stay in the loop and fall in love with these ideas! 


Embrace the holiday with the utmost exquisite of decorations! Mixing red, blue and white can be a challenge, especially if you want your living room to be classy. For that reason, BRABBU created a short ebook to guide you during this season. The best part is that you can actually keep these decorations all summer long! Download now for free! 

The key is to choose one statement piece that will brighten your living room! Choose pieces that are not only beautiful, but that can also be customized.

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How to Incorporate Red & Blue in Your 4th of July Decorations

BRABBU Launches 4th Of July eBook Full Of Interior Design Ideas

You can’t go wrong with a touch of blue when decorating a room. Next to neutrals, it is one of the most versatile colors to work with, allowing you to create a space that is both sophisticated and stylish.

If you’re not ready to commit to a bold wall paint or a statement blue chair, but still want to incorporate this beautiful shade, opt for small appointments or accessories. It will certainly make a difference.

Red is a bold color that breathes confidence, vitality, and power.
As it is an intense color, it needs to be used carefully. If you’re afraid of going overboard, try to incorporate it through small accessories as pillows or decorative items. It will instantly spice up any home décor.

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