Maison et Object 2020 will take place between the 4th and 18th of September, and it will appear in digital format, due to the contingencies experienced in the present time, which led those responsible for the event to redefine the way it would take place, moving it to a digital format, putting aside the physical format for public health reasons. The bet on the digital format is very important on the part of the entity, and there is a great bet on the part of Maison et Object, so that this event can be considered a success on a global scale. Considering that it is an ambitious and valuable event for our public, BRABBU will be present at Maison et Object 2020, seeking to spread the excellence inherent to our products.

This event was created with the intention of a more active sharing between brands/designers and buyers/influencers, seeking that each new school year, if it could stimulate the end of year orders.

The Digital Fair will have two complementary components: the Digital Showrooms on the MOM platform and the Digital Talks on the Maison & Objet website for the passage of content, knowledge and inspiration.

Regarding the program established for the Digital Talks, we leave here some highlights, which may be of great interest to the followers that follow our brand:

“What´s New?” – Creative Evolutions FW 2020/21

BRABBU will be present at the event Maison et Object 2020

Friday, September 4th / 2:00 PM

Elizabeth Leriche , Founder of the eponymous trend office
François Delclaux , Founder of the agency Un Nouvel Air
François Bernard , Founder and President of the Croisements agency

Being around three major axes such as cultural, stylistic and creative at the same time, this selection, if not exhausting the theme, seeks to affirm the evolutions of current creation as well as the art of living in the market. During this conversation, some themes will be addressed, based on some articles taken from the MOM platform.

Design, it turns! 

BRABBU will be present at the event Maison et Object 2020

Friday, September 4th / 6:00 PM

Ramy Fischler , Designer and Founder RF Studio
Philippe Brocart , General Manager Maison & Objet

In this conversation, you will have the opportunity to listen to Ramy Fischler, who imagined the world of tomorrow and its new uses in four exclusive films conceived from an XXL installation, elaborated as a uses office.

(RE) Generation! Part 2 – AUGMENTED GENERATION

BRABBU will be present at the event Maison et Object 2020

Saturday, September 5th / 2:00 PM

Vincent Grégoire , Insights Director NellyRodi

The subject under discussion will be around the phrase taken from the Maison et Object website: “In the context in which we live, the concept of “augmented generation” has never resonated so much, offering new perspectives for a more agile tomorrow. Second overview of these new rules of the game”. This is the motto for an interesting reflection.


BRABBU will be present at the event Maison et Object 2020

Monday, September 7th / 2:00 PM

Antoine Fenoglio , Les Sismo
Marilyne Goulard , Tarkett
Eric de Thoisy , SCAU Architecture
Moderation: Philippe Tretiack , Journalist

Quoting the phrase on the Maison et Object website: “By placing health at the center of our lives, Covid19 has made it possible to measure the importance of our spaces, domestic, public, hospital … In the face of the coming crises, what should be the role of architecture? Can it do any good? And how? This will be the focus of this very interesting conversation.

LIAIGRE, a creative process

BRABBU will be present at the event Maison et Object 2020

Tuesday, September 8 / 2:00 p.m.

Christophe Caillaud , Managing Director Liaigre
Guillaume Rolland , Principal Liaigre Studio and Director of Yacht Design
Moderation: Françoise-Claire Prodhon , author of the book “Liaigre Création”

The presentation will have as main theme the new book “Liaigre Création”, published by Editions Rizzoli New York, in a conversation that will evoke Liaigre’s unique identity, values and creative processes in the world of interior design.

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These are some of the many contents that we advise you to follow during the event. It is important to say that to access Maison et Object 2020, you will have to register on their website, so do it as soon as possible, reserving your place for this magnificent event.

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