Best Thanksgiving Color Combinations: Burgundy Table Setting

Thanksgiving color combinations

Warm and rich as the French wine that gives it the name, Burgundy is the perfect color to decorate your thanksgiving table. It creates a cozy and yet elegant atmosphere, with a touch of drying leaves hues, fireplace scent and cinnamon taste. It will be wonderful in many different thanksgiving color combinations either as the main color theme or just details touches.

Enjoy the fall season with its king color as main protagonist of your Thanksgiving table setting.

thanksgiving color combinations

Thanksgiving color combinations: mix red with gold and have a classy and elegant table set.

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Thanksgiving table setting: set your Thanksgiving dinner menu a month in advance. Buy everything that won’t spoil as far in advance as you can. Return for the turkey, the herbs, and the cheeses a few days before you begin cooking.

Brugundy THKSGVNG 3

Thanksgiving color combinations: color combinations: purple flowers and gold details.

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Brugundy THKSGVNG 4

Thanksgiving table setting: purple candels and purple table cloth.

Thanksgiving color combinations

Thanksgiving color combinations.

Brugundy THKSGVNG 7

DIY pumpkin center piece with flowers.

Brugundy THKSGVNG 8

Great autumn colors.

Brugundy THKSGVNG 9

Leave shape plate.

Thanksgiving table setting color palette

Beautiful flower arrangements.

Brugundy THKSGVNG 13

Pastel colors with red table cloth and gold cutlery.

Brugundy THKSGVNG 12

Marsala punpkins.

Brugundy THKSGVNG 11

Purpul table cloth and rede and red center piece.

Brugundy THKSGVNG 10

Pull out the vintage china! We added a few fresh twists to time-tested staples, from green bean casserole to cranberry sauce, for a meal rooted in nostalgia.

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