Top 5 Interior Designers Mexico to love and get inspired by all year long:

Ariel Rojo

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Top 5 Interior Designers Mexico – Ariel Rojo

With a background in industrial design and urban planning, Ariel Rojo is firmly committed to improving the quality of life through design solutions. With a varied and multidisciplinary approach, Rojo’s Design Studio has a clear environmental agenda, championing recycling, the use of recyclable materials and improving urban spaces.

ARDS is a design firm that seeks to provide solutions to needs of different types and scales through the design of products, spaces and service, offering valuable experiences that improve the quality of life. ARDS are a multidisciplinary team, they identify opportunities and challenges, which they solve through design.

ARDS develop strategic alliances with organizations, manufacturers and distributors to ensure an optimal approach, execution and positioning of the solution. They seek to generate human, social, aesthetic and economic value through their products and services.

They differentiate themselves by offering exceptional and quality solutions to a wide range of needs, through creating a close collaborative relationship between their customers and suppliers, thus achieving an assertiveness in their collaborations created for each of their projects.

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Top 5 Interior Designers Mexico – Pirwi

Pirwi born from the mind of Alejandro Castro and Emiliano Godoy with the intention of generating a change, to see the world from another perspective. Pirwi presents its first collection in the Mexican Design Gallery with a fresh and different narrative, using materials and sustainable processes not commonly used in the furniture industry.

PIRWI is arguably one of the most exciting design companies to come out of Mexico. With an approach to materials that is entirely founded on sustainability and eco-friendliness, the designers at PIRWI create beautiful products with as low a carbon footprint as they can achieve. They apply this mantra to every aspect of their work, from selecting the materials they use to the manufacturing processes they engage with to create them.

In doing so, they are in fact developing new design strategies in order to create their products. Efficient manufacturing and product utility are core values at PIRWI and is fundamental to the production of their objects. They ensure that the least amount of waste occurs through relentless Life Cycle Assessments and structural analysis of each product design. Green through and through, PIRWI is leading the way for a new model of product design and manufacturing processes.

Emiliano Godoy

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Top 5 Interior Designers Mexico – Emiliano Godoy

Designer Emiliano Godoy works in environmental and social design projects. He understands design as a process that requires thorough iteration and evaluation. He believes in design as a tool to renew his manufacturing and consumption structures, and a way to change unsustainable patterns of product development into sustainable innovation processes. His workplace mimics a laboratory, a place for praxis, observation and testing.

As the emphasis is using design to control the environmental and social performance of projects, he does not specialize in a single type of objects. With a strong ethical stance, Emiliano Godoy’s design form focuses on environmental and social products, believing that in order for society to move forwards, mass production practices need to change. Godoy uses design as a tool with which to develop new products and practices that can be more sustainable for the future, as well as attempting to change consumption patterns.

Working on a wide variety of projects and in a number of collaborations, he believes that collaboration and solidarity in design practices are key. He says that a sustainable future cannot exist if the design world is governed by secrecy and competition, and states that designers should cease to work with harmful materials, simply for convenience sake. Design that is based on financial gain cannot have a public agenda, therefore he endeavours to produce intelligent and informed modes of design for a better future.

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Top 5 Interior Designers Mexico – NEL

NEL was founded in 2004 to serve as a platform for design experimentation based on an ever-evolving collective of Mexican designers. The current members are Ricardo Casas, Alejandro Castro, Héctor Esrawe, Emiliano Godoy and Cecilia León de la Barra. It serves as a channel to create and exhibit projects that are conceptually focused and have a range of messages.

Some examples of politically engaging designs are the Global Warming rug for the Spanish rug and carpet company Nanimarquina, which shows a polar bear on a tiny icecap in the middle of a vast blue sea. Despite often having a political message, there is always an element of playfulness; the primary aim is to tell a story and explore new means of aesthetic representation, such as can be seen in a series of benches and storage units made from ethically sourced Teak, named The Pack of Dogs after their canine shape.

Cecilia León de la Barra

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Top 5 Interior Designers Mexico – Cecilia Leon de la Barra

One of Mexico’s most prestigious designers, Cecilia León de la Barra is inspired by the colour and vivacity of traditional folk arts. She then transforms them into innovative and fresh designs for the 21st Century. Looking to her surroundings and everyday life for new ideas, León de la Barra creates products that are fun, attractive and ultimately useful.

With a background in industrial design, she has been working both independently and in collaboration with other designers and architects since 2000. A member of NEL as well as collaborating with PIRWI and TOP MEXICAN DESIGNERS, León de la Barra is conscientious about both the environment, as well as supporting local artisans and communities.

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