Home Decor Ideas: How to make your small space rock

Home Decor Ideas

Most small space advice tends to operate under the assumption that you’re willing to sacrifice personality in favor of the illusion of a few more square inches of room. Here you have some home decor ideas you can live large within the limitations of your floorplan.

Home Decor Ideas

Have a Great Bed: 

Invest in a beautiful bed that fills up the room and speaks for itself and get one bedside table. Are you sure you need two of them? See also how great the blue color looks in the bedroom.


Home Decor Ideas:

Tailored window treatmentts, which are hunged very close to the ceiling, makes your window look bigger. And what about a full wall curtain? This will make your living room looks even wider.


Home Decor Ideas for Small Furniture:

Small-scale furniture throws off the proportion of a room. Instead of fitting in a lot of furniture, focus on a few full-size pieces. See some examples at Brabbu’s website.

Home Decor Ideas


Yet the allover pattern draws the eye up and around a room, adding interest that can distracts from the tiny space. Also try white colors to give more room to your room.


Pack in Storage:

If you just won’t ever be the minimal type but are stuck with a tiny closet for a bedroom, add storage in concentrated ares by adding a bookcase behind the bed. Look at this great bedroom design.

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