Poltrona Frau Group has announced a partnership with Patricia Urquiola, which will see the Spanish designer take over the role of art director at Italian brand Cassina.

Poltrona Frau made the announcement as part of plans to involve the designer in the creative management of the group, which acquired Cassinain 2005.

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Cassina's new art director it's Patricia Urquiola 3

“Patricia Urquiola will have a significant role in leading this centre of excellence where she will contribute to defining the future vision of the group, whilst meticulously keeping the identity and characteristics of the companies unique,” said Poltrona Frau Group CEO Dario Rinero in a statement.

Cassina's new art director it's Patricia Urquiola 2

Picture: Patricia Urquiola cabinet for Coedition

“It’s a great honour and a great responsibility to become part of a heritage, a history, an identity so important for international design,” Patricia Urquiola said in a statement. The designer has previously created pieces for furniture brands including Kettal, Moroso, and Glas Italia.

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Cassina's new art director it's Patricia Urquiola

Picture: Patricia Urquiola Roll Chair for Kettal

“My intention is to take into consideration the company’s past, its cultural background, not as a passive container, but as a systematic part of the mind, the integration of processes and the creation of an empathetic relationship,” she added.

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Picture: Patricia Urquiola at London Design Festival 2015

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