Le Victoria 1836: Coffee Bar Ideas by Sarah Lavoine

Le Victoria 1836 By Sarah Lavoine (1)

Sarah Lavoine defends a new art of French living, which, combined with his talent passion for color, magnifies living areas entrusted to it. And all of that is what we can find in the Le Victoria 1836. So, if you’re planning a trip to Paris, and still don’t know where to eat or where to go, here you can find coffee bar ideas!

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Le Victoria 1836 By Sarah Lavoine (2)

Where to eat in Paris? The discreet luxury of this restaurant design highlights the chic of the place while emphasizing its friendly side. So next time your are in the city of lights, pay them a visite.

Le Victoria 1836 By Sarah Lavoine (3)

The decor gives the impression of existing for 40 years and will be in forty years. It was thought without worrying about contemporary fashions. Look at the rug cosiness, the pendant round chandeliers and the iconic floor lamp.

Le Victoria 1836 By Sarah Lavoine (4)

Coffee bar ideas: add decorative and personalized candels to give cosiness and comfort to your space. Is this case the interior designer personalized the candels with the restaurant brand.

Le Victoria 1836 By Sarah Lavoine (5)

Timeless, elegant, warm and bright are adjectives that describe the personality of this restaurant. White, blue and black are the color palettes of this restaurante.

Le Victoria 1836 coffee bar ideas By Sarah Lavoine (6)

Coffee bar ideas: Sarah Lavoine had fun playing with transparencies, wood and woodwork, stone carving, with the lights of the day, mirror games and reflections. Every detail has been thought.

Le Victoria 1936
Location: 12, rue de Presbourg, Paris France.

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