Mid-Century Style: The Merge of the Past with the Nostalgic Future

Although Mid-Century style started in 1933, it comprised the Second World War and reached its end by the mid 1960s – it influenced the fields of architecture, graphic, product and interior design as well.

The needs of the average American family were reflected mostly in the post war scene and this new wave was created due to a necessit to better the past and a nostalgia for the future. The fusion of nature in the style, as well as its simplicity allied to a luxurious feel makes mid-century one of the most iconic and still present tones nowadays. Ideal for open floor plans, for places with ample windows, able to bring the outdoors in.

Mid-Century style

Kaamos is the Finnish translation to Polar Night, a natural phenomenon that happens in the Arctic Circle. KAAMOS Mirror took inspiration from this incredible event. With a frame in glossy walnut root veneer, brass, and copper, this round mirror will give a touch of strength and class to your modern interior design.

It’s in Arizona that we can find one of the most magnificent wonders of nature: The Grand Canyon – It’s grandiosity and monumental view is recreated in the CANYON Screen. This product features a structure in wood covered with brass with aged, brown and red patina and nails in aged gold. This room divider will make a statement whenever it is placed, never leaving aside the impact of history and nature into a modern interior design.

Bees are essential to our ecossystem’s survival, just like this Pillow is to a stunning interior design. The insect inspired the HONEYCOMB BLUE GEOMETRIC Pillow. Its patterns resemble those of a honeycomb due to its hexagonal shape. The elements of sweetness and nature allied to its precision make this product a key element in any home decor.

The Timberline Trail is a hiking trail in the state of Oregon, known for its beauty and for its natural yet dangerous periodical washouts. It’s zigzag shapes were passed on to the TIMBERLINE YELLOW GEOMETRIC Pillow – the perfect choice for any room decoration due to its boldness and its dynamic pattern.

The Pre-Columbian Americas were home for some outstading and notable people. The Maya Civilization is probably the apogee of sophistication during this period. As a tribute to this population and its devotion for Maize (sometimes represented as a woman), BRABBU created the MAYA 2 Seat Sofa; with legs in matte aged brass, this velvet sofa features the elegant forms of the maize goddess, making it the perfect seating solution for any elegant living room set.

An image conceived through the combination of several graphic elements, the mixture of patterns makes the carpet an exclusive, different and irreverent piece. With a very uniform palette of colors, the SIMBA Rug stands out for the harmony between different elements, a perfect match between the rigid shapes and the curves.