An Exotic Interior Design Trend: Meet Mango Color

A very juicy and exotic fruit it’s already special on its own, so special that its name can represent something in another field. This is Mango Color. The national fruit of India gave name to one of the main trends for Fall Winter Season. Mango is also the color of desire and sensuality – a bold colour capable of bringing the sensation of heat, and above all increase the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. In nature it is the colour of vivid sunsets and fire.

We bring you products that can turn your interior design into a true tropical space without losing one bit of sophistication or elegance.

This is Mango Color.

Mango Color
BATAK Armchair by BRABBU

As one of the most ancient tribes in the world, Batak has a very rich culture and compelling traditions. Inspired by this, our designers created BATAK Velvet Chair, a totally upholstered chair that has a light structure yet is full of personality. This barrel chair promises to spice up any living room set.


In ancient manuscripts, messages were written on vellum, a fine and translucent material. Featuring a top in glossy hammered aged brass and a base in Nero Marquina marble, every story you create in your home will be highlighted by the warmth of VELLUM Floor Light. Pair this brass floor lamp with an accent chair and relax with your latest read.

SIKA 2 Seat Sofa

Sika is a deer specimen rooted in Japan whose strength and elegance inspired SIKA Wingback Sofa. The most distinctive features of this wing sofa are the button detailing on the inner back, the nailhead trim and the brass details of the arms. That’s why SIKA high-back sofa fits a strong living room set.


Himba is a southern Angola tribe, who lives in a land isolated by deserts and mountains and dresses in strictly traditional ways. Himba is famous for their beautiful women painted with ochre and long tresses wrapped in red clay. They have an extreme capacity to survive in hard conditions, a remarkable feature from where HIMBA is born: a strong, powerful, red coloured rug made from hand-knotted thin wool, taking to your home the warm sensations of Africa.