BRABBU sophisticated design joined the new modern 5-stars hotel: Sofitel Frankfurt Opera.

Sofitel Frankfurt Opera just opened in October to show once again to the world how to integrate, in a 5-stars hotel, the sophistication of mid-century French mansions with the straight modern and demanding Frankfurter culture. BRABBU is very happy to be part of this project. It was great pleasure to work once again with Accor Hotels Group.

The Designers & Inspiration
Drawing on the recognized expertise of the designer Nicolas Adnet of the firm MHNA Paris, Sofitel has created a resolutely modern hotel, inspired by the French city mansions of the 17th and 18th centuries. The Sofitel Frankfurt Opera pays tribute to the French way of life by recreating it in a sophisticated atmosphere, right in the heart of Frankfurt. All the furniture and facilities of the highest quality were specially designed for the hotel.

Each of the 120 rooms and 31 suites offers a breathtaking view of the Opera, the park or the Atrium.The ā€œSchƶnemannā€ Restaurant and ā€œLiliā€™sā€ Bar ā€“ which owe their names to Goetheā€™s great love, Lili Schƶnemann ā€“ open their doors to guests, inviting them to taste inspired bistro-based cuisine from Paris, or simply to enjoy a cocktail. The tea house offers a wide selection of delicious pastries. (...)

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