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Some of the most impressive monuments of the Middle Ages, the medieval castles, can be found in Wales, often called the “Land of Castles”. These private fortified residences were both offensive and defensive structures which provided control of the area immediately surrounding them. Wales sofa was designed to provide the same feeling of protection in a living room set a burgundy velvet sofa, with curvy back and arms, base in vintage brass and polished golden nails hat will enhance both modern and classic living room sets. This jewel toned sofa will be the comfort fortress of your living room set.

product features

Fabric: Cotton velvet
Fabric Reference: BB MOSS I Colour 16
Fabric needed: 11 mts | 433,07” (Standard width 1,40mts | 55”)
Base: Matte vintage brass
Nails: Golden polished


W 220 cm | 86,6"
D 100 cm | 39,3"
H 76 cm | 29,9"

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