product description

Greatness will be achieved in any modern home decor that receives this serene design piece. Inspired by the earth goddess of the Roman Mythology, TELLUS armchair carries a deity aura that will be spread everywhere. Place it in a modern home decor and watch nature, feel it an touch it as it will reach you by each sense. The armchair´s perfect combination of the light colour along with the wood legs truly embodies nature´s elemen- ts connection. Allow your modern home decor to be the stage of this beautiful performance.

product features

Fabric: Twill
Fabric Reference: BB DARIEN II- Colour 21
Fabric needed: 4 mts | 157,5” (Standard width 1,40mts | 55”)
Legs: Fully upholstered and black matte lacquered
Nails: Bronze renaissance


W 72 cm | 28,33”
D 66 cm | 26”
H 85 cm | 33,5”

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