product description

Our designers travelled to the Malay Archipelago, located between the Southeastern of Asia and Australia, in oreder to project a living room set, capable of whispering the stories of diverse cultures such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore. These ethnicities give life to MALAY - a graceful green velvet two seat sofa with a mystical soul that will fulfill your entire living room set with energy from the nature. Enjoy this comfortable two seat sofa in velvet with legs in aged casted brass, placing it as center piece in your living room set.

product features

Fabric: Cotton velvet
Fabric Reference: BB MOSS I Colour 30
Fabric needed: 6 mts | 236,22” (Standard width 1,40mts | 55”)
Legs: Matte aged brass


W 140 cm | 55,2"
D 74 cm | 29,1"
H 80 cm | 31,5"

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