product description

A piece of mid century modern furniture, INCA two seat sofa was inspired by the legend of the Inca Empire, which had its toots in the highlands of Peru. Starting sometime in the 13th century, it was the last pre-colum- bian empire in the New World. This mid century modern furniture piece covered in velvet, brings back the intense colour of Inca´s brilliantly weaved and colored cloths and the shape of the velvet two seat sofa remind us of the sculpted mountains in the landscape of Peru. Reflecting stories and feelings in the best of the mid century modern furniture, INCA two seat sofa is an invitation to travel through history and live the greatness of a remarkable civilization.

product features

Fabric: Cotton velvet
Fabric Reference: BB MOSS IV Colour 3
Fabric needed: 9,00 mts | 354” (Standard width 1,40mts | 55”)
Legs: Ebony wood veneer with glossy varnish
Nails: Polished gold


W 130 cm | 51,18”
D 87 cm | 34,25”
H 99 cm | 38,97”

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