product description

Located in the south-western Utah in the United States, BRYCE is a giant natural amphitheatre caused by the erosion throught the Pausaugnt Plateau. What makes BRYCE different are the geological structures called hoodoos, full of tones of red, orange and white colours. The wholes in BRYCE side table depict the stream erosion created by the river and lake bed sedimentary rocks, shaping a surface of golden leaf - with rich reflections - on a clean polished black lacquered body. BRYCE stands strong by a sofa or an armchair where you can put a book, a cup of tea or your favourite table lamp, complementing your ideal living room.

product features

Body in fiberglass with high gloss black lacquer and high gloss golden leaf.


W 36 cm | 14,17"
D 24 cm | 9,45"
H 60 cm | 23,62"

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