The city of the Street Art is becoming more and more the city of Home Art.

Berlin has adopted an intense way of living with the street shop Blue Living Berlin.

Placed in Berlin – Kreuzberg, on Südstern 6, Blue Living Berlin created a new concept of Home Art in Germany. With an unique assortment of elegant, high-quality, vintage, classic modern pieces by contemporary brand, Paul Köntopp - the owner and Interior Designer – says:
“We understand living as a very personal matter, as an interplay of colors, ages, materials, memories and plans and never as a stereotype. We believe that our Berliner style from European interiors, English colors and wallpapers will necessarily inspire you.”
Blue Living Berlin thinks a residential area as a fusion of modern and classic interiors. Ideally it should reflect exquisite colors with brilliant depth and noble lassitude. Because of this, they are offering a wide range of color options such as the English collection of Little Greene.

BRABBU is one of the main brands at Blue Living Showroom. You can see there 4 handmade Home Art pieces that can fit an hotel or the most expensive home of Berlin.

What you can find there from BRABBU?

ZULU dining chair, a mid- century modern furniture piece, is based in one of the elements that ZULU tribe recognizes by being present in a human being - the shadow. It means prestige or personality.
The velvet softness of ZULU dining chair along with the capitone gives more personality to this mid-century modern furniture piece, making it an unforgettable piece whether the set where it is placed in.

Fitting SIKA 2 seat sofa in a modern home decor is suiting a blend of strength and elegance, inspired in a deer specie rooted in Japan - where it is considered to be sacred. SIKA sofa is an imposing furniture piece that will add a special charisma to any modern home décor.

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