The Newest Upholstery Families for Modern Home Décors

The past few years have been really exciting for BRABBU’s team, arousing a great desire to grow further. Our designers have been working hard to meet our clients’ exclusive taste and follow the most anticipated trends for 2016, which are now represented in more than 30 new products, especially focused on upholstery.

We were inspired by different cultures and traditions all over the world and in the most beautiful wonders nature has to offer. Within a wide diversity of styles, there are several options to fit any home décor: modern or classic, soft tones or bright colors; in any case the fabrics chosen are always high quality ones, mostly in cotton velvet, and each piece is carefully handmade.

Full of good energies and powerful colors, get to know our newest product families, including armchairs, dining chairs, bar chairs, bar stools and sofas, so that it becomes possible to combine them and create unique environments in any home or hospitality project.

Nature was one of our first inspirations. The IBIS family of products was inspire by the natural elegance of these birds long slim legs, the COMO family was named after the impressive Lake Como, in Italy, and NUKA pieces represent a magnificent glacier in Alaska.

Mountains are also a fascinating natural element and a true inspiration for unique furniture pieces. According to the Greek mythology, Oreas is the god of mountains, so BRABBU created the OREAS family to honor his greatness, also emphasized in the ANDES armchair and 2 seat sofa.

History and traditions must be a great reference for our designers, this time with a special focus on sophistication and refinement. Ancient Roman women dressed with a distinct and incomparable class, and STOLA characterizes their feminine clothes.

Following the history line, the royalty of Louis XIV Bourbon dynasty inspired the velvet BOURBON family, and the PLUM family celebrates the opulence associated to this bold color.

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