BRABBU’s new AGRA Console and Display

BRABBU has the pleasure to announce the launch of two new pieces to the AGRA family. The most enticing family in the collection with marble as the main material has now a dining table, a console and a display.

The AGRA family is the modest setting of one of the most famous and most celebrated monuments in world, the Taj Mahal, also known as the marble mausoleum. AGRA just like Taj Mahal is an impressive display of craftsmanship and elegance. The delicate of work of the robust white stone softens the imposing structure of the pieces, while touches of brass reflect golden warm tones to the polished surface.

The two new members of the family have much in common with AGRA Dining Table. They were projected with the same marble type and brass details. In the three pieces it is possible to see the beautiful veins of the stone. They are all different as it is a raw material. Elegance and harmony are achieved with the brass details.

With the new pieces BRABBU is forward thinking and allowing the placement of marble pieces in other spaces of the home rather than the kitchen and bathroom, which are the common places to settle pieces with this material. Therefore, the console can be placed in a living room, the display in the entrance hall and the dining table in the dining room.

Regardless, the decoration mustn’t be all projected using marble, in fact, it is a material that goes well with others, thus, it will be easy to pick and mix the various elements. Textures and patterns are a good choice since marble is such a polished material. In fact the term derives from the Greek words that meant “crystalline rock” and “shining stone”.

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