BRABBU presents a rare selection of items

BRABBU’s design team has been projecting for a while now several special and rare versions of some of the brand’s most iconic designs that are now being released. Bold, fearless and risk takers, these pieces represent clearly the brand’s inspiration in nature, its constant mutation and unpredictability. They are included in the new assortment of items called RARE EDITIONS.

This selection of rare items has different fabrics with different patterns, something not commonly seen in the standard pieces. Of course there is always the possibility of customization and in this case the client can pick the fabric he wants to. The uniqueness of these pieces is related not only with its materials and colors but also to what each piece represents – singularity.

This collection will be constantly changing as new pieces will be added from time to time, always with something unique about them. These collector’s items are the distinguishing answer for the utmost interior design projects, whether residential or contract projects.

The main focus of the Rare Editions was the upholstery category, but in the near future the brand plans to expand it to other typologies of pieces, covering all the categories BRABBU has to offer.

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