Winter mystic furniture color trends

Trends come and go, and now more than ever classics are revived. 2015 is the year of the mid century modern design style. It's all about reviving the classics, finishes, shapes, techniques and inserting them in modern ambiances where they fit harmoniously with other contemporary designs.

BRABBU suggests a solid approach with a sharper and more intense appeal accentuated with increased neutrality from a range of black, beige and green tones.

Black and beige can be used in novel ways, especially to achieve a modern look in design. As for the green, it refreshes the look, gifts them with a pleasant and calm feel, and always creates an atmosphere of peace, balance and harmony, giving the feeling of being connected to nature.

KAYAPO, MALAY, TUAREG, BAKAIRI and MATIS armchairs will bring nature’s beauty and savageness elegantly. Pick two or three pieces, contrast these colors and you will achieve a perfect and inviting mid century modern winter set.

All of these pieces are inspired by tribes and savage places that bring power to any room, fulfilling it with energy and mysticism from the nature.

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