Summer set: Classic and Imperial Furniture

This summer’s decor trends are about classic and imperial furniture. It’s about bringing the best out of the classics and add it a modern twist. It’s time to travel to the past majestic mansions through contemporary design.

Summer means vacations and what’s best about vacations is the possibility to travel, leaving behind the daily routine. By choosing to travel around the possibilities are endless but why not to choose the family’s mansion, chalet or villa at the countryside? Enjoying each other’s company, the good weather, beautiful landscapes and a mid-century modern house.

And for a vacations villa completely renovated in mid-century modern design style BRABBU presents a set of designs with classical shapes and colors, suggesting a mansion’s luxury ambiance from past eras. By adding a modern twist to the designs both contemporaneity and the past coexist in the ambiance harmoniously.

After all elements are reunited, it’s time to enjoy the set created by sharing memories and stories next to the most beloved ones.

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