In the mood of Spring: BRABBU’s new lighting pieces

New colors, textures, scents and flavours…That is what Spring is all about! With Spring comes a new and fresh mood, it looks like the whole world awakens for a festive season. BRABBU, having its essence in nature celebrates the beginning of this phenomenon launching four new lighting pieces, enlarging its collection and increasing the number of solutions available for the demanding clients.

Happiness, Fulfillment, Freedom and Beauty are embodied by NIKU floor light, SAKI suspension light, KENDO floor light and HORUS suspension light. Suitable for hotel projects, private residences, showrooms or galleries, the new lights are versatile pieces that adapt themselves to each ambiance. Furthermore, there’s always the possibility to customize, so many different finishing options are available.

An Intense ambience will be created - in the mood of SPRING!

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