BRABBU’s key tips for picking the best lighting design piece

Like people, spaces also have personality, attitude and charisma and that is achieved by the decor items in it and the harmony between them. Decoration elements as lighting design pieces are key items in the composition of an atmosphere especially in autumn and winter where people spend most of the time inside. As a result, when picking a lamp for a space it is important to consider several aspects.

First you should think about the space and its possibilities: the dimension, if it has natural light and its localization in the building. Then you should think about the typology of the piece you need, if it is a floor, wall, table or suspension lamp. Afterwards it’s time to pick the lamp and here you should think about dimension as well, finishes and think if it will work together with the other elements of the decoration. You should also consider asking for some samples regarding the finishes.

Finished the research it’s time to order the piece and contemplate the beauty of the light projected by it. With a lighting design piece you can create a cozy and at the same time elegant ambiance.

In BRABBU’s projects presented you can see that for a home office APACHE Tale Light turned out really well. It is in harmony with the other pieces and brightens up the space’s atmosphere. For the living room project CAY Wall Light was undoubtedly the right choice with its irregular shape and patina finish contrasting with the other decor elements.

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