Trend flutter: Classy and cozy for St. Valentines

Have a new loving nest at home with BRABBU new sofa February just arrived and we already feel that love is in the air. This special mood always roam around BRABBU design studio - each piece that is born has a flutter passion, which every person that comes into them can recognize. Last month at Maison & Objet the reveal of BRABBU to the world was proof of it; individual people, couples or children dictated the spotlight pieces. MAREE was one of the chosen ones - and nothing will go better this St. Valentines than the night blue classic sofa.

BRABBU design studio brought from Scotland the rugged landscape of the mountains that surround MAREE lake through the structure and shape of this classic sofa, where the softness of the velvet makes you feel involved by the freshness of the place.

Being February the month of the lovers and because lovers always look for a different and distinct nest to be with the beloved one, MAREE is perfect to provide that main corner inside the master nest - the home.

A love scene will need not only the perfect spot for the lovers, but also other complements to create the right mood. That's why MAREE goes well with AMIK table lamp - for an intimate and romantic light - placed on LURAY side table, and KOI centre table, to place the glasses of red wine after the toast that seals the promises for eternal love.

In a conversation with the designers the main questions about this classy and cozy sofa were,

Why include a classic sofa in the collection? Our Designers: "We already have a few sofas in the collection but not like this one. Our MAASAI, MAYA and TERENA are all 2 seat sofas and we needed a more robust piece for a strong yet elegant living room. The classic style was our first option - we love the capitoné, it creates a very interesting and rythmic texture and it's a technique that has been used throughout the history of furniture."

How did you associate the sofa with the story behind it, Scotland? Our Designers: "For every piece from BRABBU brand, we tell a story. The one we have chosen for MAREE is directly related with the colour of the fabric and the texture created by the capitoné - we have discovered a beautiful landscape in Scotland where Maree lake plays the central role - the surface of the hills surrounding the lake, and the colour of the water during the sunset were translated into a piece of upholstery. Each BRABBU piece has to tell some story, it has to open a book of tales about nature and the world."

Why it has a bean shape? Our Designers: "This shape is a small big secret of MAREE. It may seem only a stylistic option, but this shape enables that the people seating can look at each other. It's a conversation sofa."

When a sofa like this comes to our mind leather would be the fabric that comes with it, but you used velvet. Why? Our Designers: "We wanted to create a sense of contrast - the strong texture of the capitoné and the grandiosity of the piece itself was balanced with the soft texture of the cotton velvet. We look for reading the pieces from a different perspective and this time we preferred the velvet instead of the leather (which, in any case, can be used if requested)"

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