Meet the KOI Family

You certainly remember the iconic KOI, a gold brass center table that brings stories about Asian culture into fierce ambiences. The center table was inspired by the Koi carp, an iconic symbol in Japanese culture and highly appreciated for its decorative purposes. The brass scales on the sides of the KOI table - shine and shimmer - like the sun catching the carp's scales through the clear water in an ornamental pond.
Koi also means love and affection in Japanese, making the carp a symbol of love, friendship and strength.

The Koi carp comes in a rich variety of colours and these permutations reflect its ability to adapt - just like KOI’s family that offers the two NEW versions of dining tables and a recent edition of side table.
Applying the ability to adapt of Koi carp, these special editions for 2013 respect the initial inspiration of our beloved KOI center table and adapt to any circumstance and fierce space.

KOI dining tables with a table top in resin will bring and fill your ambiences with a serenity feeling. Just as the Koi scales reflect the sun's light, these brass pieces also mirror light, illuminating any home.

KOI side table fully embodies the smooth aesthetics of the carp, with brass scales that cascade from your choice of either a glass or marble table top (in black or green).

Our designers are obsessed by the details of each piece, working carefully in each design stage to arrive to a perfect BRABBU design piece. They, along craftsmen and product specialists, working closely to deliver the most faithful design to BRABBU essence; this unique relationship makes our goals of searching for the most innovative materials and techniques an alive reality, combined with a strong hand-tailor and hand craft essence.

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